You can buy Stylus Pen on Amazon:

I bought a Stylus Pen to draw on my old iPad 6th gen for much cheaper than an Apple pencil.

Let’s take this stylus for its first spin to see if it stands up to what it promises.

Here is one of my 1 gallon nurseries with Gammarus culture as of March 2020.

Gammarus are scavengers that feed on algae, detritus and basically anything organic.

You can see different sizes and ages of Gammarus dashing here and there.

Gammarus feeding on detritus helps to keep aquariums clean, and fish eat Gammarus.

For these two reasons, I like to add Gammarus into all my aquariums with fish.

You can buy Blackworms on Amazon:

I have has a colony of Blackworms in this 1.6 liter sustainable aquarium garden for about 9 months so far.

Let’s pull some Blackworms out to take a look.

March 11th, 2021

I got a package with a Grindal worms starter culture bought from Ebay.

4 oz jar of soil with who knows how many Grindal worms and a couple pieces of some dry dog food.

Okay, let’s open the jar.

In a previous video showing fish jumping over a stick, I asked for your ideas explaining fish behavior.

Many of you responded!

Some came up with fun ideas.

And some shared very thoughtful ideas.

I appreciate everyone sharing ideas!

Sharing is caring.

You can buy Blackworms on Amazon:

I want to culture blackworms, also know as California blackworms, for feeding my fish in sustainable aquariums.

Let’s set up 2 glass jar aquariums for blackworms a couple weeks in advance.

Use the jar lids to make planters as shown in previous videos.

March 20th, 2020

I spotted a blooming Lesser Periwinkle flower (scientific name Vinca minor).

I wonder if this plant can grow with its roots in water.

Let’s get some cuttings for my aquarium gardens.

I got 5 cuttings, each about 10 cm long.

Each cutting has a couple pairs of leaves on the top and a couple nodes on the bottom.

All cuttings are fresh green sprouts from this year without roots.

March 16th, 2020

I got two cuttings of the Pachysandra plant.

The cuttings are about 12–15 cm long.

You can buy aquariums on Amazon:

I use a 1 gallon glass jar with a lid to make a sustainable aquarium.

Add gravel to cover the bottom.

Michael Langerman

We live in world of wonders.

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