Aquarium plant holder of wire hanger

Get a wire hanger, preferably made of wire without paint or any other insulation.

Cut off the hook.

Straighten the wire.
I do it with my hands.
You may use any suitable tools -
pipes work well as levers and bend points.
Alternatively, you may cook a nice meal for your dad and
ask him for help with this wire.
Watch the wonders dad can do for the love you give him.

Get a piece of tube that is longer than the wire.
The tube will protect the wire from water.
The wire should fit freely inside of the tube.
Thread the wire into the tube.

Each end of the wire should be 2–3 cm inside of the tube.

Fold the wire in half.

Make a loop in the middle of the wire, as wide as a couple fingers.
It’s the bottom of the plant holder.

Work both ends of the wire in the same way.
Bend wire at a 90 degree angle to the base.

Now we have to make wings that will hold the plant.
The size of wings should be sufficient to embrace the plant.

Here I have made the wings.
The rest of the wire is going to be the hook.

Bend the ends of the wings toward each other.
It’s better to make longer wings with overlapping ends to fit different size plants.

Trim off the tube.
We don’t want exposed wire to scratch the glass of our aquarium.

Here is the top view.

Here is the bottom view.

Let’s put our plant in the planter.
Here I have a Peace lily.
We can move the wings apart as necessary for the plant.
Leaves of the Peace lily have to stay above water.

Hold the planter next to your aquarium.
Move it up or down to find the best height to make the hook.

Bend the wire to make the hook.
Keep the rest of the wire -
you may want to lower the plant when it grows higher.

Congratulations! We have made the plant holder.
Hang it over the rim of the aquarium with the plant in water.

Have fun and happy aquaponics :)



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