Christmas Tree Aquarium

I use a chopstick for the trunk of the tree and a limestone rock for the base of the tree.

Drill a hole in the rock using a screwdriver.
Make the hole’s diameter smaller than the thickest part of the chopstick.

Insert the chopstick in the hole.

The rock stays on the chopstick.

Cut off the excess part of the stick protruding from the bottom of the rock.

The trunk in the rock should stay vertical on its own.

Cut the rock to an appropriate size and shape.

There are different ways to make driftwood out of chopsticks or other wood.
Check my previous videos for details about making driftwood.
In this example, I boiled the chopstick with the rock for about 6 hours on low heat.

Keep the driftwood underwater for a week or so to check for any discoloration.
Change water if necessary.

I am setting up a new aquarium in a 2 liter plastic bottle.

Cut the trunk to a desirable height.

I have samples of land moss submerged underwater for weeks.
Check my previous videos for details about growing land moss underwater.

Tie moss to the chopstick using cotton sewing thread.

In this example, I assemble moss starting from the bottom of the trunk with moss pointing to the bottom.

Overlap each following piece of the moss to hide the trunk.

Cover the tip of the tree with moss pointing to to the top.

Cut off the sewing thread.
The Christmas tree is ready!

Place this Christmas tree inside of the 2 liter plastic bottle (I cut off the top of the bottle previously).

Put some gravel on the bottom of the bottle to cover the base of the tree.

Fill the bottle with dechlorinated water.

October 8th, 2017
The Christmas tree nursery aquarium is all set.
And it looks as good as a real tree!

I keep it on a windowsill exposed to direct sunlight while there are no fish in this aquarium yet.

This moss produce a lot of oxygen — you can see the bubbles.

October 11th, 2017
I added water snails to the nursery.

Here comes my tiny cleaning crew of seed shrimps.

They help to keep aquariums clean and fish eat them.
Check my previous videos for more details.
I add them to all my aquariums.

October 17th, 2017
In the past week, strings of moss grow here and there.

Trim the moss with scissors making the tree of desirable shape.
Move the cuttings to another nursery or leave it in the old aquarium to grow for later use.

November 5th, 2017
I added young small guppies (under 1.5 cm each) to this nursery.

And it’s time to trim the moss again.

November 20th, 2017
All looks good and ready for Christmas.
Have fun and Merry Christmas :)



We live in world of wonders.

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