Duckweed in Aquarium

Duckweed is a common floating plant found in slow moving or still bodies of water like ponds and aquariums.

Ducks love it :)

There are good reasons for it.

Fish, especially fish fry, insects, and a lot of critters use it for shelter or food.

Duckweed has more protein than soybeans!

Words of gratitude to Rhiannan Thomas for caring to share Duckweed, among other things at my first official giveaway. Thank you, Rhiannan Thomas!

April 14th, 2018

I got a bag of Frogbits from Rhiannan Thomas.

It came with some Duckweed.

Check my video about Frogbits.

Here is Duckweed.

Initially, I put everything new into a separate nursery for observation.

I add dechlorinated water.

Also, I add seed shrimp and pond snails in all my aquariums.

I cover the nursery to reduce evaporation.

In the following weeks, I start moving Duckweed to other aquariums.

June 18th,2018

I keep aquariums with simple critters like seed shrimp and snails on a windowsill exposed to direct sunlight.

Duckweed likes sunlight!

Its roots grow up to 3 cm long.

September 2nd, 2018

It takes a week or two for duckweed to double in volume.

Duckweed is a very fast growing plant!

I remove up to half of the duckweed every couple weeks from each aquarium.

I use the collected duckweed to make homemade fish food flakes.

And so it goes month after month.

I feed my fish with everything that grows in my aquariums :)

Duckweed makes up a substantial part of it.

Aquariums with larger water surface yield more crops.

October 7th, 2018

Duckweed grows in all my aquariums.

Use excess plants to make fish food or to share with friends.

February 6th, 2019

I cover all my aquariums with transparent covers to prevent water evaporation while allowing light to pass through.

Duckweed growth rate is significantly lower in aquariums exposed to less light.

And it does not grow in aquariums located away from a window.

Though, I don’t use artificial light for that matter.

Roots of duckweed seem to grow shorter in aquariums with guppies.

Guppies nibble on the roots of duckweed!

Pond snails seems to like duckweed too.

Fast growth rate, simple care or…actually no care except gathering crops :) makes duckweed a very desirable plant in my aquariums.

Have fun and happy aquariums :)



We live in world of wonders.

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