Feeding Fish Frozen Grindal Worms

Michael Langerman
6 min readFeb 15, 2022


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I make frozen Grindal worms pellets of different densities.

High density pellets save space in a freezer.

But, I have to split high density pellets into portions for feeding my guppies and endlers.

So, here I have two frozen Grindal worms pellets with different densities.

Let’s break the high density pellet into parts.

Put a small part in a cup.

Let it sit for a of couple minutes for ice to melt.

In the mean time, we can feed the low density pellet as it is right into an aquarium.

Simply drop the pellet in and…watch your fish have a good meal.

As the pellet melts away, frozen worms are released and start sinking.

That is where my fish, Endlers in this example, eat the worms rather quickly.

It takes up to 5 minutes for a quarter coin sized pellet to melt at room temperature.

Now, let’s add some water from another aquarium into the cup with a piece of high density pellet.

The pellet is already melted.

So, now I use a pipette to pick the melted Grindal worms up with water.

And drop them into the aquarium.

Drop worms slowly to allow time for fish to pick them up before worms sink all the way down.

Remember, frozen worms do not wriggle the way live worms do.

And that is why fish may not find frozen worms that are just laying down at the bottom.

I use one high density pellet of frozen Grindal worms to feed 3–5 aquariums.

Though, I prefer to use one low density pellet per aquarium for one feeding.

One pellet like this one is more than enough for about 3–6 adult guppies.

I feed my fish with Grindal worms about 1–2 times a week.

And the other 1–2 feeding are plant based.

Here you can see Grindal worms are released from the pellet and…fish respond to them very well!

It is always preferable to feed fish with live Grindal worms.

I only use frozen Grindal worms on feeding days when there are not enough live worms available.

My fish are actually accustomed to eat live worms.

It takes time for fish to learn any new food you may want them to try.

At the very first feeding of new food, fish may ignore it altogether.

It is always better to introduce any new food at the regular feeding time.

Hungry fish are more interested to try something new.

And remember that Grindal worms have very high nutritional value.

So, it’s better to give a small amount of Grindal worms to avoid overfeeding.

Overfeeding is the main cause of most problems in aquariums.

Also, there are other ways to feed Grindal worms to your pets.

I am going to show that in future videos.

And there are some interesting details about Grindal worms I will share with you as well.

Grindal worms are one of the best fish foods every one can culture at home.

Have fun and happy fish :)