Feeding Fish With Grindal Worms

Michael Langerman
5 min readJan 4, 2022


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Feeding fish in aquariums is the most engaging activity for every fish keeper.

Here you can see a container with a Grindal worms culture.

Among different types of food, I have been feeding my fish with live Grindal worms.

You can see Grindal worms on the walls and the cover of the container.

I give Grindal worms to my fish only at regular feeding time.

There are different ways to collect and serve Grindal worms to fish.

In this example, I give live Grindal worms out of the container right to the fish.

Rinse off Grindal worms of the cover right in the aquarium.

Nothing fancy about it — just like this.

Here you can see my Endlers go in a frenzy after Grindal worms.

Wriggling Grindal worms instantly attract fish.

Grindal worms, as small as they are, grow up to about 1 cm long and have very high nutritional value.

Each worm is basically a wriggling protein bar for fish.

Usually I give about this amount of Grindal worms to a half dozen adult Endlers or Guppies.

Here I use a soft brush to collect Grindal worms from the walls of the container.

And now I rinse Grindal worms off the brush into the aquarium.

Here we go.

You can see how well fish respond to Grindal worms feeding.

Even young fry go after Grindal worms.

And Grindal worms are very beneficial food for fry and pregnant fish.

Also, sometimes I just scoop Grindal worms off the wall with my finger.

Like this…

It’s always better and safer to keep fish a bit hungry after feeding than overfed.

Overfeeding is the main cause of problems in aquariums.

I feed my fish different food 3 times a week.

Grindal worms stay alive in water for a number of hours.

Check my previous video about it for more details.

Guppies and Endlers find Grindal worms on the bottom of the aquarium before worms get spoiled.

And other aquatic critters eat Grindal worms too.

Here you can see adult Scuds feed on Grindal worms as well.

So, nothing gets spoiled in my aquariums for sure :)

Grindal worms are great food you can grow at home for many different pets.

More about Grindal worms in future videos.

Have fun and happy aquariums :)