Fish Tank Set up

In this example, I use a cylindrical vase to make a fish tank.
The vase is 24 cm deep and has an 18.5 cm diameter.
The dimensions are necessary for calculating maximum size and number of fish for the aquarium.

Add gravel, rocks, seashells, etc.

Add dechlorinated water.

7 liters of water fits in this tank.

I let it sit overnight in an open tank.

In the following weeks, I add fast and slow growing plants.

Live plants are essential for healthy aquariums.
Plants and algae provide oxygen and food for fish while consuming waste dissolved in water.
Let plants and microorganisms settle for couple weeks.

March 27th, 2019
I move a couple of young guppies into this aquarium.

And look what I got here.
It is land moss growing underwater.
Most samples that I had previously grow in long strings.
But this one is branching :)

I add new and remove spare plants all the time.
At this moment, this aquarium has Duckweed, Frogbits, Dwarf lily, Elodea, Hornwort, Marimo balls, here comes Hairgrass, and I think I’ll add some more :)

I don’t use man-made filters, air pumps.
I don’t change water in my aquariums.
I rely on plants, algae, bacteria, and microorganisms to keep my aquariums clean and healthy the way they do it in Nature.

And they’ve been doing it wonderfully well for billions years on our planet in addition to a couple years of my experiments with aquariums shown in previous videos :)

So, check links in the description.
Ask questions.
Have fun and Happy Aquariums :)



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