Gammarus in Aquarium

On July 14th, 2019 I disassembled this aquarium garden in order to make a room for a new nursery.

Here you can see land mosses and ferns I’ve been preparing to grow underwater.

All look good and ready to go underwater.

Let’s remove the top garden.

Notice how the walls of the aquarium are covered with algae.

But the water in the aquarium is crystal clear.
In the past, I used different methods of cultivating algae.
It’s time to try something new ;)

I move the fish and plants from this aquarium into another nursery.

I reuse everything from my old aquariums.
Fish, plants, gravel — everything.

Here I use the top of the old aquarium garden to make the new nursery.

Fill up the new nursery at least partially, with water from the old aquarium.

Water and rocks from old aquariums are a good starting source of algae.
Critters that I am setting up in this nursery feed on algae.

Large water surface of this tank allows for better air to water exchange.

Add dechlorinated water to the level.

Add aquatic plants.

In this example, I add duckweed and guppy grass courtesy of my friend RP101.

And a Marimo ball.
The new aquarium is ready!

On July 15th, 2019 I received a package of Gammarus Hyalella Azteca amphipods, also known as Scuds.

Let’s add scuds to this new nursery.

I always put all new “things” like critters, plants, fish into a separate nursery for at least a couple weeks before introducing them into the main aquarium.

Here you can see scuds of different sizes and ages are dashing around.

They made it through almost a week of delivery time in the box.

I feed them a generous pinch of homemade fish food flakes.

Uneaten flakes boost algae growth.

Aha! Here you can see a scud caught a worm-like critter.

That’s interesting.
Gammarus are supposed to feed on algae and detritus.

Apparently, skuds don’t mind to try live food too.

Here is another scud going after live food.

Adult scuds are much bigger than seed shrimp.
I wonder how they are going to get along.

Cover the nursery to reduce evaporation.

Place the nursery next to the window, but away from direct sunlight.
Fish food and light are good for algae growth ;)

Here are a couple gammarus eating a flake of fish food.

Many scuds go after algae deposited on the rock.

Scuds attack every available piece of food.
Gammarus are very active swimmers.

There is so much motion in all possible directions in this tank!

This one looks like it’s carrying eggs.

I add a cutting of Elodea and some Hornwort.

Gammarus waste no time and get busy exploring all new plants right away.

I use seashells to anchor plants.

Also, seashells provide necessary calcium.

A week later on July 23rd.
I see adult couples mating.
Gammarus seem to be doing fine.

There are very small Gammarus babies feeding on algae.
Here is one crawling on the wall.

Some amount of waste has already accumulated on the bottom.

Scuds seem to find enough food growing in the aquarium.
So, I don’t have to feed them.

I am gearing up to find Gammarus favorite food and to see how my dwarf guppies would like Gammarus.
Have fun and happy aquariums :)



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