Ghost Shrimp

May 10th, 2018
I got 10 ghost shrimps from a PetSmart store.
Ghost shrimps are also known as grass or glass shrimp.
They look very similar to shrimps known as amano or Japanese.
Empty the bag with ghost shrimps into a bowl.

I prepared a couple aquariums for ghost shrimps.

Put shrimps of both genders in each aquarium.
Shrimps are good jumpers!

Cover the net to prevent shrimps from jumping out.

Ghost shrimp males are smaller than females.
And females bear eggs.
Here you can see shrimps of both genders.

Ghost shrimps prefer to hide from fish, even from tiny guppy fry.

Staying hidden is natural for ghost shrimps.

The semitransparent body of ghost shrimps blends perfectly well in a natural environment even when they move across open space.

Female ghost shrimps carry eggs under their bellies, constantly ventilating them.

Shrimps feed on algae.
I feed fresh algae to my shrimps once a week or so.
Give them no other food until all algae is gone.

It takes about 2–3 days for a couple of shrimps to eat this portion.

No gang of wild guppy fry can stop shrimps from getting to algae!

Ghost shrimps chase each other away from food.

The winner takes all…even if it is too much for one.

You can see the shrimps’ guts through their semitransparent bodies.

Ghost shrimps molt as they grow.
Here you can see a shrimp eating remains of an old mold.

May 17th, 2018
I move a couple shrimps to another aquarium to give them more space.

Ghost shrimps eat fish food flakes.
A small pinch of flakes for a couple shrimps a day will do.

The shrimp swims trying to reach food floating on the surface.

Here I feed shrimps with portions of frozen algae.

Feeding them with smaller portions dropped at different locations prevents fights over food.
I serve the next meal the day after shrimps finish the last meal.

A happy couple on an after meal walk.

Another happy couple hanging on land moss growing underwater.

Abundant plants in aquariums make it easier for shrimps to reach for food and to hide.
Shrimps are called bottom feeders for that’s where they find most of their food: organic remains and algae.
And yet, shrimps are capable of being “top” feeders on a whim :)

Ghost shrimps furiously guard food and personal space from any intruders.

May 23rd, 2018
I lost a shrimp.
The dead body of the ghost shrimp has a different color!

Shrimps are interesting creatures.

They make funny aquarium pets.

Ghost shrimps go well with peaceful small fish such as guppies.

Shrimps help to keep aquarium clean by eating remains of all organic food.

I don’t change water in my aquariums.

Temperature in my aquariums is around 72–76 F all year around.

Have fun and happy aquarium :)



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