Go board DIY

It is simple and easy to make go board out of cardboard. Though, I have an empty wooden wine case! I am going to use the case as a table and for storage (Pic 1).

I don’t need these parts (Pic 2).

The top side is the most suitable for making the go board. Let’s check the size. It is 29 cm wide (Pic 3).

And it is 33 cm long (Pic 4). It is wide enough to make standard board with 19 by 19 grid with about 1.4 cm squares. I could use beans, peas or corn for stones.

Let’s make the grid. Find the center of the board by drawing two diagonals (Pic 5–8).

Measure the distance between the short side and the center (Pic 9).

Make a mark closer to the side of the board (Pic 10).

Draw a line through the center and the mark (Pic 11).

Measure the distance between the long side and the center (Pic 12).

Make a mark closer to the side of the board (Pic 13).

Draw a line through the center and the mark (Pic 14).

We found the center of the board (Pic 15).

Use a ruler and a pencil to draw the rest of the grid working from the center of the board.(Pic 16). Congratulations! We have made the board.

There are many ways to customize the board. We can use hot soldering iron to groove the grid. It gives our board the smell and feel of a battlefield (Pic 17). My kid loves this part :)

There is a faster way to make grooves using regular ballpoint pen. Draw the grid by applying pressure with the pen (Pic 18).

It’s wise to make deepening or notch at intersections of grid to prevent beans from rolling. I can do it with 6 mm drill tip (Pic 19).

Or use an appropriate sized screw with rounded tip (Pic 20).

Hammer the screw to make about 2 -3 mm indent (Pic 21). Finish the board surface with sandpaper.

I paint the board after just for fun. Then I marked smaller size boards around the center (Pic 22–25). It helps to play quick games. Store beans in deep plates or inside of small size empty plastic water bottles. Let’s see if this size bean is a fit for the game. I can place beans on and take them off the board. Note that large size grid would do better — especially for grown ups. This size board works very well for kids or anyone with thin fingers. It took me total of about 2–3 hours to make the board with help of my son ;) Total cost of the project: the wine case was free (I was about to throw it away), the beans comes from the kitchen (you can buy 361 beans of two colors under $1), the paint I borrowed from my son’s art supplies. The rules of the Go game available at:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Go_(game)
Have fun and happy Go :)

Originally published at http://rndmbits.blogspot.com.



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