Green Aquarium

Here is a 3 liter aquarium that I built back in early 2018 for a number of projects shown in my previous videos.

Initially it was for ghost shrimp.

Later, I added dwarf guppies and different plants and so on.

Notice the clarity of the water in this nursery.

I’ve been cultivating common green algae in this aquarium all the time.

I manage to keep water clear while allowing the common algae to grow on the walls of the nursery at the same time.
And that is where we can see it.

Right here.
I used doubled walls in this aquarium until end of the Summer 2018.

Doubled walls make it easy to harvest algae that can be used for feeding while keeping aquarium walls clean of algae.

Here I give fresh algae to a ghost shrimp.

We can see through the walls of the aquarium — they are clean and so is water.

My dwarf guppies love to pick any chunks of algae dropped from the doubled walls.

Later on, I upgraded this nursery to an aquarium garden and I removed the doubled walls.
Here you can see it in May 2019.

The garden is beautiful.

And I learnt a lot from this garden.
Most of it was shown in previous videos.

What I did not show yet is…
Here it is.
The top of the aquarium is covered with a garden.

And the walls of the aquarium are covered with algae.
It limits the amount of daylight getting into the aquarium.

Algae and plants growth depends on light, as we know.
To my surprise, I found all algae, Duckweed, Elodea, and other plants keep growing in this nursery even with limited light available to them.
Perhaps enough light gets through the film of algae covering the walls.

I don’t clean the walls since I removed the doubled walls.
The water is clear — we can see through it.

I do not change water in all my aquariums.
I only add evaporated water and replace the amount of water taken along with fish transferred into new nurseries.
As in this example.

I am moving a breeding couple of guppies into an aquarium garden built for a new project.

Adding water from the old aquarium into the new one would make fish feel at home.

The taken amount of water has to be replaced with dechlorinated water.

And again, the old water is clear.

It’s good.

The water does not need to be changed even though the aquarium looks green.

The walls are green, but the water is clear :)

Have fun and happy aquarium gardens :)



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