Growing Herbs in Aquarium

I’ve been growing different land plants in my aquariums.

Some of them can grow fully submerged underwater.

Most herbs that I have tried so far can grow with their roots in water.

August 11th, 2018

A YouTuber RP101 Aquatics kindly shared with me some herbs.

Thank you RP 101 Aquatics!
(RP101 Aquatics Facebook page)

Let’s see what I got.

Here are cuttings of Basil.

This is some kind of Mint.

And this is Oregano.

Most cuttings are too short to be placed directly in aquariums.

In this example, I use a disposable plastic cup and a plastic straw to set up a nursery.

Cut two pieces of plastic straw the size of the diameter of the cup.

Place the pieces of straw criss-crossing each other in the cup.

Add dechlorinated water.

Place cuttings of herbs inside of the cup.
Keep leaves of herbs above water.

Initially, I keep nursery with herbs, without fish, on a windowsill exposed to direct sunlight.

Short cuttings without roots are falling out of the nursery.

Plastic straws help to secure cuttings.

And there is a different way that works with even shorter cuttings!

Cut a piece of straw measuring the length from the bottom of the cup to slightly above the water level.

Insert the herb in the straw.

And place it all in the nursery.

On the windowsill it goes.

It is my preferred way of starting herb gardens in aquariums.

I put 2–3 very short cuttings inside of one straw.

Once again, here I have Oregano, Mint, and Basil.

Those are some of common house kitchen herbs.

August 18th, 2018

Roots grow in the first week.

I pull it out just to show — keep the cutting in the straw!

Add dechlorinated water to the level as necessary.

Some herbs grow slower than others.

Some cuttings develop roots better than other.

Some cuttings may wilt for whatever reasons.

Let cuttings grow roots for couple weeks.

Remove straws when roots are large enough to keep plants in the nursery.

September 2nd, 2018

I cut 3 pieces of plastic straw to fit on top of this 3 liter plastic bottle aquarium.

Fix the straws in the way you like to hold the cuttings.

Those of you who have standard box shaped aquariums may want to check videos on my other plant holders .

Place rooted cuttings of herbs on the top.

Make sure roots are into the water, and keep leaves above the water.

Cover your aquarium to reduce evaporation.

Trim your herbs as necessary to grow new cuttings or to eat ;)

Herbs in my aquariums grow slower than planted herbs.

Though, I don’t change water in my aquariums and have herbs for cooking!

Have fun and happy aquariums :)



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