Guppy growing in plastic bottle aquariums update

Here you can see my small aquariums.

Last month I upgraded 6 of them to a new version of plastic bottle aquarium.

This is my first small aquarium.

I am going to use a flashlight — fish is attracted by light at night time. It gives us a better chance to see them all.

This 3 guppies were born (July 2016) and grew up in this aquarium. There were total of 7 babies.

I moved the other 4 babies with parents back to a large aquarium.

This male and two females are the oldest fish in my small aquariums.

There are different house plants on top of each aquarium. It makes each aquarium an aquaponics system.

I left an air pump attached to this aquarium, but it’s turned off for the night.

Fish in all aquariums in this video born and grow in the same type of aquariums.

Here I keep about 4 months old fish.

One is on the top and I see the other one on the bottom.

It is good to see fish on all levels of the aquarium.

Java moss grow well in all aquariums.

Here are younger fish.

I did not plan to have so many aquariums. Now I need more water plants. Plants that I got last Summer from the lake were only for a couple of aquariums. Now it’s off season. The air pump should help to get by until I get more water plants.

One fish is on the bottom.

The rest are hiding somewhere.

I keep the youngest fry in this aquarium.

So far I managed to keep algae grow under control in all aquariums. Water is clean. Babies are growing. I will keep you updated. Stay with me!

Have fun and happy guppy :)




We live in world of wonders.

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Michael Langerman

Michael Langerman

We live in world of wonders.

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