How to Grow Spiderwort in Water

Michael Langerman
6 min readJun 15, 2021


In a previous video, I asked you to name this flower if you recognized it.

Congratulations Anonymous White for being the first to identify this plant correctly!

KitCat was the second!

Links to Anonymous White’s and KitCat’s channels are in the description to the video.

And many thanks to everyone for participating in the MACRO WONDERS challenge!

May 25th, 2021

I got a cutting of Spiderwort, scientific name Tradescantia Pallida, order Commelinales, also known as purple-heart house plant.

The Purple-heart plant is related to the Wandering Jew or Inch plant that I’ve been growing in my aquarium gardens.

This cutting has a flower bud.

I want to see if it will bloom in my aquarium garden.

Let’s remove the bottom leaves.

My Wandering Jew or Inch plants never bloomed growing with their roots in water…

Perhaps a cutting with blooms will do.

There are new branches growing under the leaves that I just removed.

I am going to keep them.

Let’s put the cutting in this aquarium garden.

Keep all leaves above the water level.

The flower bud may open soon…

And the flower starts blooming the next day.

Here you can see a time-lapse recording of the blooming.

This purple heart flower is about 1cm.

By end of the day the flower wilted.

How cute.

The next day another flower starts blooming.

And another flower popped out shortly on the same day.

The plant moves in a direction following sun as all plants do.

The following day brings a new bloom.

You may notice some tiny white critters crawl on the plant.

Plants serve as home for many different insects.

June 1st.

Look at this beautiful purple-queen!

That is another name for this flower.

I use a macro lens to get a close-up view that makes it challenging to recognize the flower.

Another flower blooms 5 days later, on June 6th.

All my plants get only indirect sunlight coming from a window.

The closeup reveals the true macro wonders of Spiderwort flower I’ve never seen before!

June 7th.

It took about 2 weeks for roots to grow on this blooming cutting.

And the roots grow nice and strong!

The new stems also grew bigger.

Here you can see the Purple-heart cutting next to a couple years old Wandering Jew plant.

It takes time to grow big, even for fast growing plants like these two.

Two flowers bloom on June 9th.

Another two flowers bloom on June 12th.

And the next day again!

It’s amazing how many flowers this cutting has been producing for the past 3 weeks.

The purple queen blooms one day only making a spectacular sight!

The new stems grow fast.

Though, you may notice changes in the color from purple to light green.

The white roots grow strong.

This Spiderwort plant looks very promising as it grows with roots in water and blooms time after time.

I will keep you updated.

Have fun and happy aquarium gardens :)