Land Moss for Aquarium Update

Words of gratitude to Rhiannan Thomas for caring and sharing with me at the first giveaway fish meeting!
Thank you Rhiannan Thomas!
Among other things, Rhiannan Thomas shared a more efficient way to wash land moss than the one I used previously.
April 22nd, 2018
I collect a sample of land moss.

A worm comes as a bonus to feed my fish.

I used to wash samples of moss under running tap water — like this.

A more effective way is to put the sample in a jar.

Add some tap water.

Close the jar with a lid.

Shake the jar.

Drain the dirty water from the jar.

Add clean tap water.
Close the jar and shake it.
Repeat it as many times as it takes to get the moss clean.

Washing moss in a jar takes less time and reduces water waste greatly compared to washing moss under running water.
Thank you Rhiannan Thomas!

In my previous video, “Land Moss for Aquarium,” I asked for help identifying this moss.

Words of gratitude to YouTuber Thành Nguyễn Vĩnh for identifying this moss as Plagiomnium acutum or rose moss!

Thank you Thành Nguyễn Vĩnh!

Put the clean moss in the jar.

Fill it up with dechlorinated water.

Cover the jar to reduce evaporation.
Previously, I kept samples of this land moss on a windowsill, exposed to direct sunlight, before moving them to an aquarium with fish.

It also grows without direct sunlight.

Atmospheric air gets trapped initially.
With enough light, those bubbles will be replaced by oxygen produced by the moss.

April 28th, 2018
I keep new samples of moss at least a week underwater, checking daily for bad odor and/ or discoloration — signs of spoiled samples.

This sample seems to be fine.

I am going to anchor this moss.

In this example, I wrap the moss around a rock.

Secure it with cotton sewing thread or fishing line.

I keep the anchored moss underwater in the same nursery, ready for use in aquariums.

Have fun and happy aquariums :)



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