Ramshorn Snails Aquarium

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I like to use different size glass jars to make aquariums for snails.

In this example, I want to use a 1 liter jar with a cover.
I already made holes in the cover.

This cover reduces water evaporation while provides air circulation and serves as a planter.

We can use different types of gravel.

Here I add artificial plastic rocks instead of gravel.

A couple real rocks of contrasting color goes in as well.

Seashells look great in any aquarium.

And another colorful rock to make it all look prettier.

Add dechlorinated water.

Here I add a couple cuttings of fast growing Guppy grass.

And let’s add a slow growing Marimo moss ball.

I always put at least two types of plants in aquariums.

Now we can add Ramshorn snails.

Smaller young snails adopt better to new aquariums than old large snails.

Give snails a pinch of fish food flakes to feed on to begin with.

That is the only time I feed snails.

Cover the aquarium with the planter.

We have made the aquarium.

Add different land plants on the top of the aquarium.

A Lesser Periwinkle flower looks great and it grows with roots in water — I have a video about it.

Here goes a rooted cutting of Spiderwort or Wondering Jew plant.

And this is a cutting of Spurflower.

Check my videos about all this and many other land plants growing with roots in water.

It’s important to keep water level below the bottom part of the planter at all times.

Life of aquatic plants and snails in aquariums depends on atmospheric oxygen.

We have build a nice looking sustainable aquarium garden with Ramshorn snails on April 6th.

Snails feed on algae and they produce waste for algae and plants to feed on.

So, all we have to do is to add water once a month or so and enjoy the view.

And so it goes.

6 months later on October 22nd.

Here you can see I add water to the level using a turkey baster.

And now let’s take a closer look on the aquarium.

All looks nice here.

A Ramshorn snail feeds on algae growing on the rock.

Here you can see how much waste has been accumulated on the bottom.

The land plants look nice — I removed some in the past months.

Here you can see a couple more Ramshorn snails.

And there are some baby snails.

Here you can see a shell of the first large snail, long gone.

As I mentioned before — young snails a better suitable for new aquariums.

And that is another baby snail.

Ramshorn snails do really great in sustainable aquariums like this one.

Land plants help to keep water clean.

Have fun and happy snails :)



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