Remove Formatting From Text

Michael Langerman
4 min readFeb 26, 2020

Previously, I e-mailed text for proof-reading.
Now I am going to use the edited version from this e-mail for my blog post.

Select and copy the text.
I show it with mouse clicks, but it is faster to do with keyboard shortcuts.

Open the blog post.

Paste the copied text in the post.

The copied text comes with different formatting.
Let’s see the preview.

I have to remove the formatting from the copied text before inserting it into the post.

Close the preview window.
Undo changes in the post.

Go back to the e-mail.
You know what I want to do — watch how I do it.
Copy the text from the e-mail (or whatever you are copying from).

Open a new tab in your browser.

Paste copied text into the search.

Select All in the search.

Copy it.

Open the blog post.

Paste the copied text into the post.

The browser removes all formatting from text in search.

Let’s see the preview.
OK. That is how unformatted text looks like.

It seems to be the simplest way of removing all formatting.
It works for me!

Have fun and happy formatting :)