Safety Magnet Key for Treadmill DIY

This treadmill comes with a safety magnet key.

Misplacing the safety magnet key renders the treadmill nonoperational.

Don’t waste your time trying to turn it on without the key!
Order a new safety magnet key.

And patiently wait a couple days or weeks for the key.
Eat tasty snacks from your refrigerator and look around.

Perhaps you see a magnet on the door of refrigerator.
The magnet is small.

It should fit in the treadmill lock.
Hmm…let’s try.

Place the magnet in the lock.

It turns on the treadmill!

Move the magnet from the lock.
It turns off the treadmill.

Let’s use it to make the temporary safety magnet key.

Attach the magnet to a string with a clip — an ID holder with a string may do.

Here I use sticky tape to attach the magnet to the ID holder.

We have made a replica of safety magnet key.
Let’s test it.

Clip the safety magnet key to your short (sleeve of the shirt will do).
Place the key (magnet) in the lock.

It turns on the treadmill.

Press the Start button and run for your heart.

The string will pull the magnet out of the lock turning the treadmill off if you fall or move from the treadmill.

Misplaced keys are not an excuse for skipping gym!
Have fun and happy cardio work out :)



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