Snapping Turtles Central park NYC

We admire the wonders of Nature.

All year round.

All life long.
The wonders are all around you anywhere you go.

Central Park of New York City is a pearl of such wonders, surrounded by the city concrete.

Central Park stands out among all New York City landmarks by sheer beauty and service it provides to city dwellers and guests alike.

Over a hundred thousands visitors go to Central Park on a regular day.
Any day of the year, all year round!

It’s such a crowded place and yet, there is always a quiet spot to find and discover Nature, the wild!
There are places in the Central Park that are wrapped in memories of life’s beautiful moments for me, my family, and…who knows for how many millions or billions of people just like me.

There are many lakes, streams, and ponds in the park serving as home and providing food and comfort for a huge varieties of birds, animals, fish, and insects in this greenest part of New York city.

Among all of those animals one stands out.

It is a snapping turtle.
The first time I saw an adult snapping turtle was back in June 2012.
When exploring with my youngest son all the different parts of Central Park throughout the years, we found places where snapping turtle babies hatch and grow through their first Summers.
Newborn snapping turtles have about a quarter coin size shells.

Do you see any turtles here?


They stay hidden right here in the open.

The only way to spot them is to know what you are looking for :)
Most people pass by without ever noticing them.

And that is how turtles survive.
Snapping turtles move slowly to hide from predators and to get closer to prey.
Here you can see how a turtle gets to the prey and….snaps it!
Whatever insect was there did not even see what was coming.

Here another baby turtle found some dead bug to snap on.
The turtle takes its time to look around and then…devours it rather leisurely.

Snapping turtles are an important part of Central Park’s ecosystem that makes our park the lovely place for all of us to enjoy.
Remember that.

Watch for snapping turtles the next Summer you go around the park.
And when you see one…if you spot one…no matter how small it is…let it be.

They don’t need our help — we need them!

We need snapping turtles to snap away from us all those annoying bugs ;)
Thank you little one!

Have Fun and Happy Snappy Turtles :)



We live in world of wonders.

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