The Best Rain Gear for Biking

Michael Langerman
3 min readFeb 1, 2022

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Even the most breathable water-proof rain gear does not stop me from sweating.

So, rain or sweat will make your back wet either way — unless you are some kind of never-sweating-zombie.

The best rain jackets come with a hood that stays on in any wind.

A cap with a visor or just a visor works great to shield your eyes from rain drops, snowflakes, sun and, headlights.

Put the backpack with valuables and a dry change clothes in a plastic bag.

Check my previous video for more details.

The handles get wet, but the rest of the bag and whatever is inside stays dry.

It works for me in rain or snow all year around.

The jacket with a high collar that extends above the chin.

A lightweight neck gaiter mask is a nice addition to have for cold weather.

At least for the beginning of the ride.

I use disposable gloves over my warmer gloves in rain and warmer gloves over disposable in cold weather.

Water-proof pants.

And disposable plastic bags over my shoes to keep my feet dry and shoes clean.

Plastic bags from Trader Joe’s stores fit nicely over my size 8 shoes.

Plastic bags are slippery to walk with for sure.

Those plastic bags are easy to get and serve me well on 5–10 miles long rides.

And put fenders on both wheels.

Have fun and happy biking :)