Where to find Slugs and Isopods for terrarium

Michael Langerman
9 min readNov 23, 2021

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Hello everybody.

It’s a beautiful Sunday, November 21st.

I am in Crotona park, in Bronx.

Very enjoyable day to make a walk around in the park.

My youngest son is at a tennis practice in this park.

And while he is at the practice I thought it would be nice to walk around and just to enjoy the view.

The beautiful fallen colors of trees.


And while we’re walking here.

While I’m walking here, I thought it would be interesting to look for pets, critters for a terrarium.

If you are interesting in terrariums.

One of those critters that could be interesting to keep it’s slugs.

Very easy to find actually.

And that is what I want to show you — where you can find slugs.

And different insects and critters like Isopods.

They basically all live in the same places.

So, let’s walk a little bit.

And see.

Slugs tend to stay in dump places.

Behind the trees, tree barks and fallen trees.

Often under the rocks.

Places where…with high humidity…and water condensation.

So, heh, in parks in New York city at least, it’s kind of hard to find too many fallen trees that stay too long.

Park keepers usually take care of those really quick.

But still…

Here I see something.

I’ll show to you.

That looks like something where, where we can find…slugs.

Or maybe something else.

You know what…

I am gonna…

Let me just a second to setup the tripod for you better view it.

So, here we have a piece of a furniture laying around.

Quite a while I think.

Maybe more than month — kind of dirty.

And I am gonna to lift it up.

But before we start picking the dirt looking for critters.

There are a couple things you need to get.

It’s gloves.

Yeah, it helps to stay clean.

And most importantly not to harm the slug if we find.

Slugs kind of sensitive to chemicals.

If you use any kind of lotion or hand sanitizer it could be very harmful to the slug if you handle it.

So, gloves!

And the other thing is to get a container where you are going to put whatever you could find.

Or catch.

I have a plastic container.

16oz I believe.

And I made a couple holes, tiny holes in the cover.

So, this way when we close the container with critter inside, there will be some oxygen, air coming in the box.


So, with gloves and container ready to explore…

Let’s go and do it!

Let’s set the container near by.


Some wild critters, like Isopods, they move rather quick.

They are good runners.

Slugs are slow.

Slugs you

So, slugs you can pick it up.

Alright, let’s do it.

And here we go.


Here is a critter.

I don’t know what it is.

This is a worm.

I got a worm.

And this is a huge one!

This is…I think it’s a kind of earth worm.

And here I found a slug.

Actually a family of slugs!

Three of them.

In a very good shape.

So, we can put them in the container.

Right, and close it.

Just simple like that — we got a catch.


Well…before we go anywhere further…

Let’s put everything back.

Leave other critters chance to…to find a home.

Now, I’ll pick up one more and wooden pieces and well… something green over there further.

Maybe — could be interesting findings too.

Let’s lift up this one.

Cause I am still looking for Isopods.

Isopods. It’s interesting critters.

They are totally harmless in terrarium.

And they serve very well as…as a cleaning crew.


So, once again let’s…get that container ready.

Gloves on.


He-he. Well, I am not interested in spiders right now.

Let’s lift it up.


I see more slugs here.

And yeah! baby Isopods.

A slug — we don’t need too many.

Do you see?


Isopods. Baby isopods running around.

And this one looks like a snail to me.

I just shake the isopods in.

You can see them running.

It’s a baby isopods.

I think it’s isopods.

And you go down.

And that’s a snail.

Yeah, and snail.


Now, I don’t know what this is…

Some kind of worm…

I don’t know…

Yea, good thing about picking up anything here…you also want to get some…

O, that’s a big — big worm.

Run away.

It’s hard to catch.

Good things you can do to pick up leaves!

That’s what anything that laying around here.

It’s most likely food for your critters that you catch.

That you caught.

They actually feed on it.

And you see it’s all moisturized.

Another slug.

And another slug!

So many slugs!

Don’t take more than you can take care of in your…in your terrarium.

You don’t need any extra.

Oh, this one is moving really fast.

It’s already climbing out.

You want to go home.

I know.

Just stay here for a while.

Lock it.

And now let’s put back.

A slug here. A snail here.

I think a tiny snail…

Can you see it?

Alright, let’s put it all back.

And one more.

I think we can look up over there…on that green piece of plastic.

Let’s go over there.

I hope you can see it.

So, let’s dig in.

And see what’s hidden there.

Oh, beautiful!

One second.

Let’s get box open.

That’s Isopod.

Right here!

And this one is… I think it is a blue powder isopod.

Yeah, go in.

Let’s see, maybe we can find some more inside.

Well, no luck.

So much trash…

Alright, let’s put it all back.

The way it was.

And now we can take a closer look on what I found.

So, leaves.

I picked a couple leaves just for to start with.

And there is a big adult isopod.

It’s actually good to find a dozen or so isopods to start with.

A snail here.

And…well, a slug.

And worms.

The whole setup for… for terrarium.

Really, if you think about it.

Now, I am not gonna take it home.

I don’t really need it right now.

I just want to show to you how easy it could be to find critters and pets for your terrarium.

Isopod is exploring things.

They are good runners — very good runners.

Alright guys.

Let me release my catch where it belongs — to the Nature.

Yeah, that’s it.

Mission is accomplished.

We found a couple things as I promised to you.

Well, you don’t have to go really deep in the water to get, to find.

Oh, I mean to the dirt.

And to the dirt to find something interesting for terrariums.

Terrariums make really interesting at home.

You can do a lot of projects.

Let me step up.

Autumn is beautiful.

There is a little lake.

I am gonna walk about, around this lake.

Maybe will find something else.

To take a look at.

That’s it for today.

Hope you enjoy…

I hope it, my video helps you to setup your own wild critters in terrariums.

Have fun and happy terrariums :)