Why I put snails in all aquariums

Michael Langerman
6 min readMar 23, 2021

I have Ramshorn, Pond, and Bladder snails in all my aquariums.

In aquariums with fish and without fish.

I have them in small aquariums just with plants like this one or even smaller nurseries.

Here you can see an adult snail and bunch of newly hatched tiny baby snails.

I got all those snails from local ponds.

Often aquatic plants come with snail eggs and even adult snails.

It takes about a couple weeks for snail eggs to hatch.

In this time-lapse recording, you can see a young snail crawl out of jelly-like pouch.

Here is a couple year old snail busy scrubbing algae from the wall.

Pond snails have many amusing abilities.

Surfing on the water’s surface is one of them.

A snail can surf the length of an aquarium back and forth for hours picking up crumbs of fish food.

This type of snail breathes atmospheric air and that is why they often climb out of water.

Though, they always stay on walls close to water and never wander around my house.

Also, pond snails are amusing divers!

They can go up and down, changing direction on a whim with very graceful dance moves.

It is very relaxing to watch snails move around.

I’ve built Zen garden aquariums with snails.

Those are perfect for meditation.

Though, watching snails moving even in regular aquariums is fascinating.

Take a look at my all time favorite video footage of two snails moving around.

That’s all pretty cool — but there is more about snails that makes me want them in my aquariums.

Snails are the first critters I add into all my aquariums during the initial setup.

Any size aquarium, even a disposable plastic cup will do for these snails.

Ramshorn and pond snails feed on algae and whatever organic detritus they find in aquariums.

I do not have to feed my snails or change water for them.

Snails are perfect pets for beginners and for sustainable aquariums!

Snails reproduce at a high rate by laying many eggs in aquariums all year around.

Guppies of all ages eat snail eggs.

Big guppy mamas love to snack on snail eggs.

And even young guppy fry pick on snail eggs.

And snails lay a lot of eggs!

Really a lot and everywhere on plants and walls of aquariums.

Their high breeding rate often puts snails on the list of intrusive species in aquariums.

Nevertheless, aquariums benefit greatly from dense population of snails feeding on fish waste and algae.

Also, I use excess of snails to set up new aquariums and to make fish food flakes.

Yes! Snails are high protein organic seafood that grows right in your aquariums.

Just pull out some snails.

Let them dry or crush them in the blender with other ingredients to make fish food flakes.

I have videos showing how it is done.

Check them out for more details.

Either way, the bigger the population of snails, the happier my guppies are.

Snails are versatile and can survive and breed even in newly set up aquariums.

Adding snails into new and old aquariums helps to prepare and make those aquariums more suitable for fish.

Snails make any aquarium look better without any additional care.

Snails are one of the best aquatic pets for everyone to start and continue on with.

Just like that.

Have fun and happy snails :)